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The Right PHP framework

Right from facing criticism and rejection by a few and praises by others, frameworks have had a long run and are being accepted with wide arms in the current web scenario. The framework way of doing things has definitely made the websites much easier to manage and a good framework makes a lot of difference to your work. One of the few basic advantages of using a good framework include the increase in security of the website, easy upgrading, and a much reduced time duration in the development process. Another advantage that it holds is the ability of keeping up with different technologies that come up in the web market. The popularity of PHP frameworks is soaring high and all the above mentioned benefits add to the reason, which is why most developers are contemplating opting for one. However, not anybody can use any random framework and let’s understand why.

Different People- Different Needs

There are a number of different frameworks and we cannot say if they are very good or very bad as some work for some people and others for another set of people, solely depending on the nature of their work, experience in the job and the requirements of their website or the app that they are aiming to create. There are some developers who are aiming to create a website at a fast speed while some other developer would be looking at making sure that the website is technologically enhanced and has all the advanced features. It also depends on the experience the developer has in dealing with the framework as some frameworks are easy to understand and use and are good for beginners, while others include a lot of advanced features which are useful for the person who has considerable experience with PHP frameworks. Another point of contention is the nature of the site you are aiming to build. The framework requirements for an ecommerce site are different from a site which is going to be a messaging platform or a directory. This is why you need to really look into the matter and the features of different frameworks properly and spend some time on them, to understand which one is going to work the best for you. Listed below are a few of the most popular frameworks from which you can choose from their features.

List of Frameworks



This is one of the most popular and widely used frameworks present and the reason behind its success is the easy-to-use nature of the framework. It is simple and easy to learn and includes an MVC folder which can be followed in a relatively effortless manner. This framework was created EllisLab and the advantages that it holds include its ability to speed up development, the feature of being a lightweight program which allows you to add other third-party software quite easily. Codeigniter also has a community which is more active than its other counterparts and the good documentation really helps out the developers. It also makes solving problems easier for the developers. Its disadvantages include a freeway in allowing coding, which sometimes can be too much. Also, in some cases it has been susceptible to mistakes and has slowed down the development process also.



This new framework is coming to be known as one of the best frameworks till date as it targets small problems which other high-end frameworks do not. Yii is very functional and future-friendly at the same time as it aims to solve the problems that may arise with time. Another great thing about this is if you are a new developer, you will definitely save time as now you do not have to waste in doing things repeatedly. It also completes the simple but time consuming tasks like reading, deleting, updating and creating so that your work becomes easier. Its main advantages also include a speed which has beaten all the other frameworks on the block and the base code which is automatically created. Though it holds a good future, it has a few disadvantages which stem from it being a new framework. There is less information available on Yii, which makes it tougher to understand due to the lack of books and tutorials. The other disadvantages are fewer employment opportunities and difficult code.



This one is for the pros and contains features that are advanced and complex. This corporate style software is one of the most sought-after ones when it comes to developer job description and the understanding of it gives most developers an edge. It has its own IDE and web browser support, which makes it a strong choice. Its popular features include the form creation, its ability to make the content wide and internationally accepted, and data filtration features. The disadvantages also step from its advanced features and this framework can be hard to understand for beginners. The design code patterns are also hard to grasp and can lead to waste of time in terms of understanding the software.



This one is one of the best choices for beginners due to its wide and old web presence. It doesn’t take a lot of time to understand and if there are problems, they can be handled by the presence of ample tutorials and books. It is easy to configure and uses command line generators. This means that it is good for starting new projects which are quick and uses automatic code generation. This framework has all the features that you might need in your framework and they include a strong template engine, URL routing, test suites and others. The disadvantages of this framework involve the problems in understanding and getting used to the software. It is hard to grasp as the structure is very different from most frameworks.

Specified above are the pros and cons of a few of the most popular frameworks present on the internet and it completely depends on you as to what you will choose. Reading about them, comparing and understanding them and applying them to your projects is what is needed and this can only be done once you start getting involved and get your hands dirty with them for some time.