The VA Team, London

The VA Team provides professional Virtual Assistant Services that remains affordable to a wide array of clients across many different industries. The VA Team Ltd is the brainchild of Kenneth Pote. As an expert in project management, administration and resource management for leading international companies, he recognised a gap in the market. Kenneth established The VA Team with the goal of providing regular or ad-hoc virtual personal assistants adept in a wide variety of tasks.

The journey has been a dynamic and successful one. In 2016, Kenneth acquired Virtual Typing Services and merged the companies under the name The VA Team Ltd. They are regarded as the foremost UK specialises in Virtual & Personal Assistant Services, Digital Dictation & Transcription, and Administrative Assistance Packages.

At The VA Team, we aim to understand your business and create an intuitively designed virtual assistance package that meets and exceeds your needs. We want you to allow us to take on as few or as many of your administrative tasks as you require, freeing up your valuable time to do what you do best.