We are Jenni and Lisa, and in June we leave our San Francisco home to travel the world for a year in search of gay people who are creating change for the LGBTQ community. Our project, Out and Around: Stories of a Not-So-Straight Journey, is a collection of our conversations with these “Supergays” around the world.

What we did
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We believe we’re at a pivotal point for gay rights in the world. Significant change has been made for gays in terms of civil rights and societal acceptance. To think that 10 years ago, there was not a country on this planet where we could get legally married as a lesbian couple. Now, 10 countries have legalized same-sex marriages.

Nontheless, more progress must be made. Gay youth still get bullied everyday, gays everywhere still face a tremendous amount of homophobia, and gay rights still don’t exist in much of the developing world.