Facebook Apps

Every day over 20 million applications (apps) are installed by Facebook’s 500 million users (over 50% of which log on each day), and every month, more than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites. Facebook has become a channel that business can ill afford to ignore.

What we do

Award winning bespoke Facebook applications from Webnextech. We specialise in creating engaging Facebook apps that your users will love! At Webnextech, we recommend treating Facebook like you would treat your own website. After all, it is increasingly likely that your customers will find you and interact with your brand through Facebook, so it is as much an ‘entry point’ into your brand as your own website.

We build applications that deliver results and win awards.
Campaigns that we have worked on have a track record of success. Several hundred thousand extra fans generated for the UK Skittles fan page over a period of one month…

We have experience in developing Facebook applications for very high traffic campaigns that have enjoyed explosive growth. To support this we make sure that the infrastructure that the application sits on is capable of handling large amounts of concurrent users without performance being inhibited.

When we build a bespoke Facebook application for a client we ensure that the social application mechanic and architecture can be re-used for future campaigns. New concepts could be re-skinned for minimal cost at a later date, enabling a long-term return on investment.